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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Mobile App Developer in India?

How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer in India?

Everyone is busy integrating mobile applications into their business in order to enhance customer experience and return on investment. They have found mobile applications as the best tool that help them thrive hard in this tech-savvy era. With the active number of smartphone users skyrocketing, the number of apps built to meet their requirements is also growing at an exponential rate.

Organizations are very fond of the mobile application development and technology services offered by top mobile application development companies in India. This has made them in turning out to be the active beneficiaries of apps development companies in India. Their search to hire the top mobile app development companies in India has always helped them in landing up on some of the finest digital transformation companies in India like DxMinds Innovation Labs. There are some unreal assumptions getting ignited in the space that one needs to invest hefty rounds of funds to avail of a top-notch technology solution that helps them thrive hard in the market. This has stopped many organizations from onboarding digitalization to their frameworks. But is developing technology solutions that much costly? The answer is no when you are developing it right from India. But have you ever thought about how much does it cost to develop a mobile app or what it takes to hire an app developer in India? Whatever it may be, in this article, we are going to cover the cost to hire mobile app developer in India. So let’s get started.

Hiring mobile app developers in India

One needs to invest quality time and research to find out the top mobile app developers in India. Not just that, but it has to be in the right sense. Prior to hiring a developer in India, they need to have a detailed awareness of their expectations and need to cross-check if the developer or the mobile app development company in India is capable of meeting the requirements. He also needs to have his hands on top of the latest technological interventions in his space so that he can redefine those technologies in favour of him. Hands-on experience is another factor that helps organizations to land up on top-of-the-line mobile app developers in India. The more the experience of a developer, the higher is the chance for getting the best mobile app.

Why hiring mobile app developers in India?

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in terms of economy as well as digitalization. Global nations are actively considering India as their prime spot when it comes to developing tech solutions. One can get the world-class level of resources from India that too at an affordable budget and that’s the beauty of hiring developers from India.

How much does it cost to hire developers in India?

The cost of hiring app developers in India is based on various factors. It’s all dependent on your requirement and the scope of the project. The cost will vary based on the type of resources you need. The more the proficiency of the resource, the higher will be their cost per hour. However, organizations like DxMinds Innovation Labs help you in hiring top mobile app developers in India at a very affordable pricing structure. To know more about the costing of resources, reach to DxMinds via mail at

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The Secret Behind Maximizing User Experience of Your Mobile App

 Just develop an application, add features, and deployment of applications stores is not your successful application. There is something called User Experience (UX), which plays an important role in making your successful application on the market more and more commitment, downloads, revenue, and branding. Unfortunately, however, many mobile application developers in India and mobile app development companies in India ignore this edge thinking it does not make much difference.

The Secret Behind Maximizing User Experience of Your Mobile App

The user experience refers to the number of user behavior exhibitions while communicating with a Web site or application. must be designed transparently UX design so users can deliver the right experience at the right time and in the right way. According to the report Statista, mobile applications are likely in the form of advertising in-app and app stores to generate more USD turnover.


We know that having a great user experience is important. Mobile applications must have been a long way, but an application design and user interface called UX play a major role with a positive impact.

Therefore, the consistency of the user experience is the difference between effective mobile applications and those struggling on the market. You will not be able to develop a mobile product, achieving a basic goal or exceed expectations, without full knowledge of factors such as application behavior patterns and psychological foundations of your target customers.

Important points to enhance your mobile experience user

The success rate of a mobile application on a customer-centric market depends heavily on applications and interface UX. Various Android and iOS apps are designed using a set of UI / UX standards, uniformity, and standard features.

Therefore, before choosing one of the owners of top mobile app development companies in India partners must know the difference between Android users and applications UX models

Use of native components into your mobile application

The reason you are supposed to choose native is that people know how to use it. For starters, it can be completely difficult for users to recognize when an application tells you how a screen pass to another. Therefore, it is easy to follow the steps if users already know the element of the native user interface, because they understand the intuitive application.

Also, due to looking good in native mobile applications, you can incorporate animation, transitions, or automation.

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Usability is very important

Ease of use includes the layout information, design, content, and other features that enable users to achieve their goals within the application. Let your users know what they need to choose the icons, press, or drag. Ensure that the movements throughout the device are compatible to maximize ease of use.

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Keep your application simple design

The users of your application have goals in mind and if they encounter an obstacle in their way, they can get excited or spend more time than expected, losing their way in the meantime.

Similarly, characteristics and undesirable features of the mobile application will only grow further. So you must have a minimalist design approach to create a database application.

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Improve consistency in your App Design

Get the continuity of interface design means that consumers use the same application. The user is sure they are on track with your logo and design header of your application.

The consistency of the navigation system also ensures consistency in the user experience. If you use more non-conventional designs of your application, it will hinder your application and your intuition

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Improving the search function in your App Design

Users come to your application to achieve their goal, or find and buy your products and/or services. If your application does not have sufficient or poor navigation and it is impossible to find useful links, users are likely to rebound to the application of their competitor. A search option can be included in the application so that your users can get their research. All this increases the usability of the device significantly by the simple navigation interface, advanced search, and information architecture.

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Animate your transitions

animated transitions are another effective way to create a continuous flow of the page to page. The user also needs to see an animated change in the application when an operation is performed.

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Minimize the research effort

To help users find what they need easily with minimal research effort. This strategy will meet the needs and potentially lead to higher conversion rates. To guide users directly to what we want, you can integrate research techniques such as keyword research, reading bar codes, filters, etc.

Test your Patch Application bugs or loopholes

A remote user testing method may be the best way to test your application. It helps you to receive feedback from remote users after your product has already been used. After this, the development team of applications will continue to ensure the quality and get rid of all the bugs they can find.

So user testing is a great way to see and feel like your users do while using your application.

Important push notifications

Push notifications are not an application design element. However, it plays a major role in the overall experience of the user. Some noteworthy investigations found push notifications to its irritant, but it is the first reason why consumers choose to install mobile apps offering this functionality. You stimulate interaction with your customer by sending updates.

Loading of the page should be less time

Make sure your application pages are easily loaded and it should load within 10 seconds. Otherwise, customers can leave and uninstall your mobile because of the time of heavy load.

You can also choose a lightweight design that means a well-established framework and not just a simple style. Create a concise interface for ease of use.

The most important - Security App

We always are downloading applications just to be overwhelmed by a long list of security permissions that we must accept before you can use them. The consent includes often request information from a credit card when there is no integrated e-commerce function in the specific application. Similarly, there are times where there are applications that are not specifically required to access the photo gallery. These cases can lead to trust and security issues, which can affect overall brand loyalty. Make sure that your application requires permission to users to be comfortable and safe.


It is not an easy task to create a good UX because it requires several elements, always work for users and business objectives.

Taking the considerations mentioned above being a DxMinds is a leading Best Mobile App development companies in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, India can help you design the ultimate mobile user experience in UX-centric design and develop a user experience of 'optimized mobile application with many components that work systematically to meet your users and meet your business goals too.

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A Secret Recipe for How To Make a Successful App

Mobile applications have been coming often on the market at a much faster pace. Pretty useless to say that competition in the mobile application market is strong. So if you are ready to make an application, it will be a daunting task for sure.

A Secret Recipe for How To Make a Successful App

Whether any genre, there is so much variety available that users do not all agree that is not responding to their level. However, giving up is never an option. We ensure the success of your application if you subscribe to the following guidelines:


Conduct extensive research

So you suddenly woke up with an idea, and now you want to model an application of this concept. Well, this is not the right way forward. Whatever the quality of your proposal may seem, you need to undertake research to be on the safe side.

As mentioned earlier, many applications are launched these days here. At present, there are over 2.7 million Android applications. Therefore, if your application is still somewhat similar to existing ones, it is less likely to taste success.

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One way to help the needs of people is to use a site well-known questions and answers Quora. People generally treat their pain points on Quora, which will help you to weigh on demand for your idea. In summary, never let your excitement to come in the way of market research.


Be focused on the core feature

It is very tempting to set too many features in your application. However, this is the wrong approach because it will distract from the primary purpose of your application. Understand, all good applications have one thing in common, that is, they offer quality rather than quantity.

As a mobile app developer, you need to stick to the formula of less is more. Moreover, adding too many features could be bad for the user experience because they occupy more space and faster than the Internet at work.

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Do not assume that all people who use your application have access to a fast connection. Similarly, the majority of users have no high-end devices to support an application with a large memory footprint. As the opinions of the large point, keeping your light and relevant application is the way to go.


Keep it simple

It is not always what you offer, but also the way you offer. This is the mark of a poor implementation that ends always make life difficult for users instead of simplifying it. When the characteristics are difficult to use, you scare people.

Whatever your application object will be used, make sure he does it effortlessly. If people have to read the guidelines and time again to use your application or find your navigation problem, your application will probably have a short lifespan.

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Offline functionality is key

In recent years, access to the Internet has improved by leaps and bounds. It is almost available everywhere these days. Whether you are traveling or sitting in a cafe, there is not much of an obstacle to connect to wifi.

However, emergencies do not come with prior warnings, and in such a situation, it is good to have an application that works without the Internet. If not entirely, users must have access to some of its features and content without the Internet.

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As we know, an important part of all the developed application does not work offline. It is therefore a great way to make your application stand out from the rest. It is one of the main tips to improve the performance of the mobile.

Providing care to strong customer

Customer service is another important area which should be given attention. The feedback is the key to improvement, and without a service system for customer quality up, users struggle to share their answers.

Moreover, users find it frustrating to wait longer when they desperately need your help. poor customer service will badly influence the retention rate. Marketing experts agree that nothing triggers negative comments over a service program to off customers. 

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Make Available for Android and iOS

Given the growing popularity of the iPhone, it is good to develop an application for users of IOS. However, we must not overlook the importance of Android at the same time. As for applications, Android has about 50 percent market share.

You can start with the iOS platform first, but Android should be in your pipeline.


Offer free download

To maximize the range and scope of your application, you must offer free - especially in the starting phase. From the beginning, you need to encourage the largest possible number of downloads. Aiming recipes instead of traffic is a non-starter. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Even charging a small fee like $ 0.99 is not recommended. $ 0.99 is not the same as $ 0.00. Although, once your application has made its mark and gives people something of value, you can always consider introducing high-end features.


Updated frequently

The reason that most applications do not develop is that developers forget their applications once they hit the market. It can not be worse than that. Knowing that smartphone technology and IOS continues to change, you can not keep the equation updates.

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Sometimes the test system fails to track bugs that hinder the user experience. With frequent updates, you can nib in the bud these issues as well and keep up the user experience there.


Compatibility is the key

Smartphones come in all sizes. So naturally, we have mobile phones with different screen sizes on the market. Make sure your application is optimized for screen sizes as much as possible. You can effectively treat compatibility problems after going through the guidance of IOS and Android.


Final thoughts

With 2,500 applications regularly added to Google Play Store, it is difficult to follow the cut-throat competition. However, taking the above steps will surely make life easier for you and improve the chances of a successful application.

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